The remediation project involved repair of the ticket booths and main entrance to Fair Park Esplanade and Parry Gate in Dallas. Work included partial demolition of existing exterior finishing systems, concrete repair, waterproofing and sealants, traffic coatings and painting.

Photo: Justin Tennison

One of the project’s most detailed jobs was the waterproofing of the esplanade’s fountain, which required seven stages of work. The job began by shot-blasting the concrete slab and grinding all vertical walls and edges to obtain the proper profile for waterproofing adhesion.

Next, a vapor barrier was applied that required 24 hours of cure time before any other product could be applied over it. Once the vapor barrier cured, a waterproofing primer and neoprene flashing were applied to all vertical and horizontal intersections.

After another 24 hours of cure time, two separate base coats of waterproofing material were applied to the primed concrete and cured for 48 hours. The process was finished by applying two top coats of waterproofing material with 48 hours of cure time between each coat and 72 hours of cure time after final application.

With this multistep process came a great risk of significant construction delays. In order to maximize production and maintain a steady work flow, the waterproofing contractor, Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing, set up an application schedule that indicated not only the zones with the various work in progress but also the windows regarding the cure time and when the next area would be available for the subsequent step in the process.

The development and use of the schedule was critical to the timely completion of the project. Without it, work could have been completed incorrectly, resulting in costly rework and project delays.

Key Players

Submitted by: Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing
Developer/owner: City of Dallas - Park & Recreation, Dallas
General contractor: Rogers-O’Brien Construction, Dallas
Waterproofing contractor: Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing, Dallas
Architect: Quimby McCoy Preservation, Dallas