A screening by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Fort Worth District showed Denton County’s 57-year-old Lewisville Dam wasn’t in imminent danger of failing, but it had high-risk characteristics.

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Risk factors included downstream fatalities as well as economic, environmental and other impacts. Corps engineers said the dam is performing as intended, but interim risk-reduction measures and further studies are warranted.

No changes in operations of the lake are anticipated while the interim risk-reduction measures, which are temporary solutions, are implemented and long-term studies are being conducted.

The studies will take about two years and are scheduled to conclude in 2012. No financials regarding the project were released.

In addition to studies and testing, work has been initiated on those areas of the dam that have already been identified as needing interim measures, which include installing filters and measuring devices, stockpiling materials and increasing surveillance of the dam during high flood levels.

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