The Oklahoma Transportation Commission approved a four-year statewide transportation improvement plan that includes preparation for a statewide rail-improvement plan.

$195 Million in Projects Approved by Oklahoma Board
Photo: ODOT
The Interstate 40 Crosstown project is under way in Oklahoma City.

Work has been completed on 148 of the state’s 274 stimulus-funded projects with more than 80% paid to contractors. Construction on some stimulus projects will be completed next year.

Commissioners approved 65 contracts totaling $195 million for a variety of projects, including the pavement of the new I-40 Crosstown from May Avenue to Classen Boulevard in Oklahoma City. The project should be completed in 2012

An engineering services contract to assist in the creation of a statewide rail plan, including passenger and freight service, was also passed.

As well, the first in a series of construction contracts for port of entry stations (formerly called weigh stations) across the state was approved at a total cost of $61 million.