Construction of the ProCure Proton Therapy Center, the first private practice proton therapy treatment center in the United States, required intense coordination and extreme precision to ensure accuracy.

The 53,630-sq-ft facility will bring lifesaving proton therapy—the use of a controlled beam of protons to eradicate and halt the growth of cancer cells in a tumor—to 1,500 cancer patients per year.

The ProCure Proton Therapy Center, Oklahoma City
Photo: Procure Inc

This project was difficult because of the complexities of building a concrete structure into which all conduit and systems had to be embedded. With no room for error, the placement of systems and conduit were planned, designed and reviewed repeatedly to ensure that there was no inaccuracy. In addition, this work was being done while the complex proton therapy machinery was still being developed, requiring the builder to coordinate real-time building activities while the equipment specifications were finalized in Belgium.

Key Players

Submitted by: Linbeck Group LLC
Owner: ProCure Treatments Centers Inc., Chelsea, Mass.
General contractor: Linbeck Group LLC, Houston
Architect: Tsoi / Kobus & Associates, Cambridge, Mass.
Structural engineer: Goldstein-Milano LLC, Reading, Pa.
Civil engineer: Professional Service Industries Inc., Oklahoma City
MEP engineer: Bard Rao & Athanas, New York
Electrical contractor: Shawver and Son Inc., Oklahoma City
Mechanical contractor: United Mechanical, Oklahoma City
Concrete contractor: Concrete Enterprises Inc., Oklahoma City
Masonry contractor: Advanced Masonry, Oklahoma City
Drywall contractor: Denver Acoustics and Drywall Inc., Oklahoma City