Located in front of the 1100 Louisiana building in the center of downtown Houston, construction of the new Enterprise Plaza Fountain required detailed planning by the project team. Crews worked nights and weekends to create the intricate water feature to avoid interactions with pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Enterprise Plaza Fountain, Houston

Since the project was built over an existing loading dock, the new piping had to be incorporated with existing equipment. The effort required meticulous planning, since every pipe location had to be re-routed from the original design in the drawings to maximize water flow and minimize pipe length.

The architect and designer, Gensler and Wet Design, utilized new and innovative methods and designs throughout the project. Through strategic planning and expertise from subcontractors, Turner had to think creatively when installing certain structures and equipment. The raised paver system with sub-base drainage was a challenge in itself, as there was very little clearance for error. The stainless topiary areas where trees and planters were installed were extremely large and complex; after installation it is simply impossible to replace them without disassembling the structure. The entire system starts with a tree planter, irrigation system and a drainage system encased in a single stainless domelike confine covered with ivy. The structure itself seems to mimic a round, cage-like crinoline dress from the late 1850s.

Since the city of Houston did not allow any lane closures throughout the duration of the project, comprehensive planning was necessary to schedule deliveries of materials or major equipment after hours or on the weekends. These restrictions made for long work days, which often stretched into nights and weekends. The loading dock underneath the ground level had a height restriction that could not be crossed, which meant all piping systems had to remain at a set height. Structural support was required to accommodate the size of the piping, both when empty and when filled with water. That was an extreme challenge with the amount of room and space allotted for the equipment.

Key Players

Submitted by: Turner Construction
Owner: EPCO Fantome Towers, Houston
General contractor: Turner Construction, Houston
Architect: Gensler, Houston
Structural engineer: Walter P Moore, Houston
Fountain designer: WET Design, Sun Valley, Calif.
Landscape architect: The Office of James Burnett, Houston
Lighting designer: Bos Lighting Design, Houston
MEP engineer: I.A. Naman + Associates Inc., Houston
Fountain installation contractor: Greenscape Pump Services, Houston
Electrical contractor: J J & R Electric, Pearland
Plumbing contractor: Kilgore Industries LP, Houston
Waterproofing contractor: Taylor Waterproofing, Houston
Granite installation: Sigma Marble & Granite, Houston
Granite supplier: Cold Springs Granite, Cold Springs, Minn.