The Colorado Dept. of Transportation has announced the scope of a planned $110-million project to upgrade Denver’s congested Sixth Avenue Freeway (U.S. 6) near where it intersects with the central I-25 corridor.

CDOT says the multi-phase project, which will begin early next year, consists of the following elements:

• Replaces five bridges that are currently in poor condition, including: U.S. 6 over Bryant Street, U.S. 6 over I-25, Federal Boulevard over U.S. 6, U.S. 6 over the South Platte River (just west of I-25) and U.S. 6 over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad east of I-25.

• Reconstructs the U.S. 6/Federal Boulevard interchange to improve safety and mobility and access to Bryant Street as well as from Federal Boulevard to eastbound U.S. 6.

• Reconstructs U.S. 6 from Federal Boulevard to the BNSF Railroad bridge east of I-25 to eliminate the crossover movements from vehicles on eastbound U.S. 6 entering and exiting onto Bryant Street and provide for wider shoulders.

• Adds a new structure immediately east of I-25 under U.S. 6 to separate traffic exiting northbound I-25 to westbound U.S. 6.

• Widens Federal Boulevard between 5th Avenue and 7th Avenue to three through lanes in each direction. 

• Paves U.S. 6 between Sheridan Boulevard and Knox Court.

• Constructs a bicycle/pedestrian bridge over U.S. 6 just west of Federal Boulevard to connect Barnum Park and Barnum North Park.

Currently, CDOT is in the process of selecting a design-build contractor for the project and will make a selection in early 2013. Construction is then scheduled to begin in summer 2013 and continue into the summer of 2016.

The project is being funded with state and federal funds; the Colorado Bridge Enterprise, which uses a small portion of vehicle registration fees to repair or replace poor bridges, and the city of Denver.