Sunrise @ Escala Submitted by Wadman Corp.
Sunrise @ Escala is a four-level hotel and residential building, including 173,500 sq ft of main space along with an 87,000-sq-ft parking garage.

Aesthetically, Sunrise is constructed with durable materials that speak to its connection to the site. The local stone used around the building perimeter as a wainscot offers the sense that the building has naturally grown from the site while also offering protection from the harsh winter environment.

The stone is also incorporated in strategic locations as an accent feature to reinforce certain heavy, load-bearing elements.

The guest rooms and living spaces are designed to maximize natural light while also feeling open yet intimate. The exterior consists of a series of large bay windows with individual balconies to encourage the opportunity to experience both the comfort of being inside while also enjoying the beauty of the surrounding mountain setting.

Park City, Utah

$36.9 million
Owner: Morinda Properties Weight
Contractor/CM: Wadman Corp./Daedalus USA
Architect: IBI Group
Engineers: Daedalus USA
Start: Oct. 2007 Finish: Sept. 2009