Hemming Village Retail PadSubmitted by Method Studio Inc.
The Hemming Village Retail Pad represents the first completed new building on an important block within the city of Rexburg—in an area that has been identified and zoned for redevelopment to create a pedestrian-friendly zone.

The Hemming family, which resides in and owns most of the block, has done much to preserve key historical homes in this part of Rexburg as well as set aside key areas of land for redevelopment of multi-use commercial, retail, office and residential uses. The design and construction of this building potentially provides three new tenant spaces with one already filled by a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop.

Budget was a big constraint, as funds were limited for this portion of the Hemming Village development. A simplified but elegant palette of materials was selected to achieve a classic modern design while respecting cost constraints. These materials included integrally colored CMU with a honed finish, standing-seam metal roofing, metal trim, and wood-and-metal siding.

Rexburg, Idaho

Owner: Hemming Development
Contractor: Headwaters Construction Co.
Architect: Method Studio Inc.
Engineers: Schiess & Associates, DRS Engineering, Payne Engineering
Among the Subcontractors: Architectural Building Supply, Blackfoot Paint & Glass, Intermountain Erectors, K2 Builders Inc., Merrill Quality Landscape, Rooftop Solutions, LB Concrete
Start: Sept. 2009 Finish: May 2010