Montezuma Creek Administration Building Submitted by Eaton Architecture
The 6,978-sq-ft administrative building is located 50 miles south of Blanding, Utah, off the intersection of Highways 163 and 262 in Montezuma Creek. The new space allows Aneth CDC, the Utah Navajo Commission and the Rural Business Development Offices to operate in unison, using technologically advanced working environments that are easily accessible, healthy, comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing for their users.

The architectural design was carefully researched by the project team to reflect symbolic and meaningful elements of the Navajo culture and the surrounding landscape.

Requested features included a large, dividable conference room for use by all building tenants, residential-type cooking facilities and an outdoor meeting space. Intense earth colors on the exterior and interior and the circular and curvilinear massing of the building exterior respect the cultural character of the Navajo and the landscape.

Montezuma Creek, Utah

$1.1 million
Owner: Aneth Community Development Corp.
Contractor: Valley Design and Construction
Architect: Eaton Architecture Inc.
Engineers: War Engineering, Shen Engineering, Van Boerum & Frank Associates
Start: Aug. 2009 Finish: May 2010