NREL Row 4 Turbines
Submitted by The RMH Group Inc.
Efficiencies in wind turbine technologies have dramatically increased over the years, thanks in large part to work performed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s National Wind Technology Center.

NREL Row 4 Turbines
SMA at Enterprise Park

Achieving greater turbine efficiencies, primarily by limiting operational downtime, is critical for this sector’s continued growth. To study the problems associated with operational downtime and to develop methods for increasing efficiencies, NREL erected two new utility-scale turbines at the site—a 1.5-MW and a 2.3-MW wind turbine with rotors stretching 253 ft and 331 ft in diameter, respectively.

Affixed to 262-ft steel towers, these new turbines dwarf the existing turbines at the site and enable researchers to decrease operational downtime, increase performance and improve durability.

The information gleaned from testing will help the next generation of turbine development achieve greater efficiencies.

Golden, Colo.

Owner: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy
Contractor: DRG Construction
Architect: The Abo Group
Engineers: The RMH Group Inc.
Subcontractors: Sturgeon Electric, Electrical Reliability Services Inc.
Start: Sept. 2009 Finish: Jan. 2010

SMA at Enterprise Park

Submitted by Murray & Stafford Inc.
SMA Solar Technologies converted an existing 150,000-sq-ft warehouse in the Stapleton redevelopment into its first North American manufacturing facility by adding a 20,000-sq-ft, second-story mezzanine. Included in the scope was a 100,000-sq-ft aluminum truss system used to support facility infrastructure such as IT, power cabling, compressed air piping, chilled water piping for test equipment cooling, a 20,000-sq-ft mezzanine and an office tenant space.

The mechanical systems in the building include custom industrial air-handling units that maintain both critical temperature and humidity in the space, compressed air plant and process chilled-distilled water. Stringent temperature and humidity specifications required adding an outside yard and an exterior mechanical plant room.


$10.9 million
Owner: Etkin Johnson Group
Contractor: Murray & Stafford Inc.
Architect: Ware Malcomb Architects
Engineers: Architectural Engineering Design Group, Dempsey Plumbing & Heating Co., Trinity Mechanical Inc.
Among the Subcontractors: Trinity Mechanical Inc., Lakewood Electric Co. Inc., James Thomas Engineering
Start: Sept. 2008 Finish: Jan. 2010