City of Rifle Regional Wastewater Reclamation Facility
Submitted by Stanek Constructors Inc.
The city of Rifle serves as the gateway to western Colorado’s energy reserves. As such, the city has seen a tremendous impact from this sector in the form of increased permanent residents, transient workers and commercial-service demands. This influx also coincided with more stringent regulations on the Colorado River. To meet these challenges, the city needed to construct a new wastewater treatment facility.

The Regional Wastewater Reclamation Facility project constructed a new 2.0-MGD wastewater treatment facility with the ability to expand to a 4.0-MGD plant.

The new facility layout includes the construction of an administration building, headworks building, three oxidation ditches, three clarifiers, RAS/UV building, two interchange tanks, two digesters and a combined 12-acre solar array system.

Rifle, Colo.

$23.3 million
Owner: City of Rifle
Contractor: Stanek Constructors Inc.
Architect: Johnson-Carter Architects Inc.
Engineers: Schmueser Gordon Meyer Inc., Bighorn Consulting Engineers
Among the Subcontractors: Sturgeon Electric Co. Inc., Sun Edison
Start: Jan. 2007 Finish: June 2010

Facility 3 Water Treatment Plant – Phase V

Submitted by Grimm Construction
Water District No. 1 of Johnson County, Kan., is one of the largest water utilities in the state with the capability to produce 180 MGD and serve 375,000 residents. With a growing customer base and its current facilities built out, the utility required a new facility within Johnson County. The new Facility 3 Water Treatment Plant – Phase V adds 30 MGD to current capacity.

The project consisted of constructing two aerators; basin-flow splitter; a 130-ft-diameter primary basin; a 167-ft-diameter final basin; residuals-control building; operations building with membrane filters; below-ground, 1.5-MG, cast-in-place concrete chlorine-contact basin; below-ground, cast-in-place, 4-MG treated water storage reservoir; high-service pumping station; surge-control facilities and a 0.5-MG wash-water basin.

Kansas City

$73.6 million
Owner: Water District No. 1 of Johnson County
Contractor: Grimm Construction
Engineers: Black & Veatch
Among the Subcontractors: Cannon Building System, Larkin Cos., Lindsey Masonry, Penny’s Concrete, Faith Technologies, AD Jacobson Co., SKC Electric, Rebar Setters Inc., A.W. Schultz Inc., Larkin Excavating Inc.
Start: June 2007 Finish: Feb. 2010

Bronze: (tie)
Lazy Valley Tank & Pump Station

Submitted by The Engineering Co.
The Lazy Valley Tank & Pump Station project constructed a buried 500,000-gal., post-tensioned concrete water storage tank that replaces an existing 60,000-gal. tank and separates pumping requirements from a downhill pumping station to one of the higher pressure zones in Evergreen.

Design for the new pump station included reuse of the existing, 32-ft-diameter, 11-ft-tall water storage tank by exposing the tank’s east face and constructing retaining walls to facilitate ingress-egress to the new pump station.

The project provides the Evergreen community with increased firefighting and water-delivery capacities.

Evergreen, Colo.

$2.3 million
Owner: Evergreen Metropolitan District
Contractor: Paramount Construction Inc.
CM: The Engineering Co.
Engineers: The Engineering Co., Bates Engineering, Sole Engineering Inc.
Among the Subcontractors: Master Electric Contractors Inc.
Start: Feb. 2009 Finish: June 2010

Bronze: (tie)
Big Tooth Dam Modifications

Colorado Springs Utilities selected Garney Cos. Inc. to make modifications to its Big Tooth Dam. The project included dewatering the existing dead pool, removing sediment from the dam toe and regrading the dam.

The project also included chipping weathered concrete from the dam’s face and installing a new geo-composite liner. Garney removed and replaced the hydraulic system to add a new hydraulic power unit, removed and replaced two slide gates inside the intake structure and repaired the concrete intake.

Colorado Springs

$1.4 million
Owner: Colorado Springs Utilities
Contractor: Garney Cos. Inc.
Engineers: URS Corp.
Among the Subcontractors: Carpi USA Inc., Hydraulic Energy Products
Start: June 2009 Finish: Nov. 2009