Gold Hard Hat Award

City of Alamosa Water Treatment Plant
Submitted by Richard P. Arber Associates

The City of Alamosa Water Treatment Plant is a 5-million-gal.-per-day facility for removal of arsenic from the city’s well water. The project encompassed the Water Treatment Plant, yard piping and improvements at eight remote sites, including well houses and storage tanks.

The new WTP brings the city of Alamosa into compliance with the EPA’s new standards for arsenic adopted in 2001.

Project Team:

$10.3 million
Owner: City of Alamosa
Contractor: Moltz Construction Inc.
Design Firm: Richard P. Arber Associates
Start: March 2007
Finish: Nov. 2008

Silver Hard Hat Award

RidgeGate West Village Stormwater Quality System
Submitted by Merrick & Co.

RidgeGate is a new 3,500-acre, sustainable mixed-use development being designed with a New Urbanism theme. The 21st Century storm water quality system includes detention ponds, outfall pipes, channels and water-quality facilities to detain, convey and treat storm water flows from single-family and multifamily residential, office parks, retail development, a hospital, recreational facilities and large open spaces.

Project Team:

Lone Tree
$500,000, First Phase only
Owner: RidgeGate Investments, Coventry Development Corp.
Contractor: Urban Farmer
Design Firm: Merrick & Co.
Start: July 2008
Finish: Aug. 2009

Bronze Hard Hat Award

Ranchman’s Ditch Flood –Phase 1
Submitted by Scott Contracting Inc.

The first phase of the Ranchman’s Ditch Flood Control Project installed 7,100 ft of triple 78-in. reinforced concrete pipe and several retention basins to remove significant areas of Grand Junction from the 100-year flood plain.

The project team faced wet conditions and unstable soil throughout but managed to overcome conditions with innovative technologies such as geotextile materials that brought structural integrity to the soil and prevented movement of support soils.

Project Team:

Grand Junction
$6.9 million
Owner: City of Grand Junction
Contractor: Scott Contracting Inc.
Design Firm: City of Grand Junction.
Start: March 2007
Finish: Sept. 2008