Submitted by The Engineering Co.

The Rock Springs WWTP project installed $1.3 million worth of process equipment and constructed a new oxidation ditch to facilitate wastewater transfer, which assisted in the retrofit of existing facilities.

Rock Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant

With its retrofit, Rock Springs WWTP implemented a state-of-the-art wastewater and solids reduction process called the Siemens Cannibal Solids Reduction process. Less than 20 plants in the United States employ this technique.

Project Team: Rock Springs, Wyo., $13 million

Owner: City of Rock Springs
Contractor: Alder Construction Co.
Design Firm: The Engineering Co.
Start: Aug. 2005
Finish: June 2009

The expansion moved the facility from 2 MGD to 4 MGD, upgraded an existing 2 MGD oxidation ditch, added two 80-ft clarifiers, a new 8-MGD main lift station, converted two 50-ft diameter anaerobic digesters to Cannibal Interchange Tanks, a new solids handling building for RAS pumps, dewatering conveyor and Cannibal Solids Separation Unit Equipment. New emergency generators were also installed and the project team completed significant sitework.