Gold Hard Hat Award(tie)

Bennett Library
Submitted by Humphries Poli Architects

The Rangeview Library District’s new 7,000-sq-ft library in Bennett takes advantage of renewable-energy sources to minimize energy consumption and environmental impacts while maximizing project resources. A geothermal heat pump heats and cools the library while an array of solar panels on the south-facing roof can be gradually expanded through the years.

Photo: Humphries Poli Architects
Bennett Library
Photo: Studio NYL Structural Engineers
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Renovation
Photo: Milender White Construction Co.
Boys & Girls Club Loveland
Photo: JE Dunn Construction Co.
Marian House Self Sufficiency Center

Occupant sensors, low-flow toilets, solar-powered faucet controls, low-VOC paint and outdoor rain sensors are among the other sustainable features that save energy and reduce water consumption. The combination of renewable-energy sources affords this library the potential to eventually achieve net-zero-energy consumption.

Project Team:

$1.6 million
Owner: Rangeview Library District
Contractor: Fransen Pittman
Architect: Humphries Poli Architects
Start: Sept. 2008
Finish: May 2009

Gold Hard Hat Award (tie)

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Renovation
Submitted by Studio NYL Structural Engineers

The entry space and main gallery renovation to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art was executed by the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning Design-Build Class of 2009.

In contrast to the historic building, the design inserts modern elements, creating space by drawing off the location of the northern window. The design uses this window to showcase the natural light, revealing the space in different ways throughout the day and over the course of the changing seasons.

For 10 years, this class has impacted a broad-based community, partnering with nonprofits and translating architectural theory into practical application. The overall learning experience blends hands-on skills, design ingenuity and the use of innovative materials to engage a public space in dialog with the community.

Project Team:

Owner: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
Contractor: Buckner Construction
Architects: Rick Sommerfeld, Pyatt Studio; CU-Denver's College of Architecture and Planning Design-Build Class of 2009
Engineer: Studio NYL Structural Engineers
Start: May 2009
Finish: June 2009

Silver Hard Hat Award (tie)

Boys & Girls Club Loveland
Submitted by Milender White Construction Co.

Sinnett Builders, a division of Milender White Construction Co., was selected to build the new 24,000-sq-ft Loveland Unit for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County. The new Loveland Unit is designed to serve more than 300 kids daily, with complete facilities to provide the full range of programs offered by Boys & Girls Clubs.

This building addition has a complete kitchen, classrooms wing, computer lab, library, gymnasium, multi-purpose room, art room and offices for BGC staff. Almost every contractor on the project donated labor, materials or funds, totaling almost $140,000 towards the project.

$3.1 million
Owner: Boys & Girls Club Loveland Unit, New Vision Charter School
Contractor: Sinnett Builders
Architect: Hauser Architects
Start: April 2008
Finish: Jan. 2009

Silver Hard Hat Award (tie)

Marian House Self-Sufficiency Center
Submitted by JE Dunn Construction Co

This 10,864-sq-ft, two-story addition to the Marian House Soup Kitchen included the construction of the Self-Sufficiency Center, complete with a clinic, exam rooms, education areas and a donation center.

The soup kitchen began in 1970 when a local resident began feeding the hungry out of his own home and the service grew large enough to be housed in the basement of two churches before moving to its current location on Bijou Street in 1985.

Catholic Charities took over operation of the soup kitchen in 1994. Since then, it has grown from serving approximately 275 people per day to now serving more than 600 a day, 365 days a year.

The Self-Sufficiency Center was recently renamed the Hanifen Center, named after Bishop Richard C. Hanifen for his contributions to the community.

Colorado Springs
$2.2 million
Owner: Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs
Contractor: JE Dunn Construction Co.
Architect: Bollar Cruz Architects
Start: Sept. 2008
Finish: March 2009