Farmington City Hall Submitted by Hughes General Contractors
The Farmington City Hall is a two-story, 19,300-sq-ft, wood-framed building with horizontal shiplap siding and brick veneer.

Farmington City Hall

Several walls are full, two-story glass curtain walls that provide views of the adjacent mountains. It was constructed with steep-pitched, 55-ft-high roofs as well as a cupola in the center rising 15 ft above the rest of the structure. The cupola is topped with an 8-ft-tall, functioning copper weather vane.

Although it provides more than 19,000 sq ft of workspaces, City Hall is organized into four smaller constituent buildings that help to scale the building more in relation to surrounding structures. The main masonry building houses the most public and ceremonial functions of the council chambers and other community functions. The council chambers’ large, exposed wood trusses, woodwork and numerous windows help establish a sense of grandeur and importance to the main space.

The administrative functions of the city are housed in the three wood-framed buildings connected by an interior street that encloses a small, private courtyard on the west side of the building. Materials were chosen to reflect the colors and building traditions that would have been found in Farmington in the second half of the 19th Century.

Farmington, Utah

$3.6 million
Owner: City of Farmington
Contractor: Hughes General Contractors
Architect: EDA Architects
Engineers: CRS Engineering, BHB Engineers, PVE Inc.
Among the Subcontractors: BNA Consulting Engineers, ArcSitio Design, Mkb Mechanical, MCL Electric, Masco Inc., MP Associates, Burton Lumber, Cannon Masonry, Granite Mill
Start: Sept. 2009 Finish: July 2010