Gold Hard Hat Award

The Streets at SouthGlenn
Submitted by Alberta Development Partners

The Streets at SouthGlenn is an upscale, urban shopping redevelopment of the former Southglenn Mall in Centennial.

Photo: Alberta Development Partners
The Streets at SouthGlenn
Photo: Alberta Development Partners
Photo: DSP Builders Inc.
Rancho Liborio Market

The project employed multiple architects and general contractors in order to break the work load down into manageable components. Five architects and six general contractors worked on different blocks and various aspects of the project. With the significant size and scope of the work, 73 acres that feature one million sq ft of retail and 202 luxury apartments, this allowed for an efficient process. This approach required a very high level of collaboration and communication amongst all team members.

The Town Center design team employed a collection of specialized consultants that were coordinated by SEM Architects as the executive architect for the project. Design concepts were generated in collaborative work sessions between the owner and design team, and those concepts were taken to the construction team for preliminary budgeting and pro forma analysis. The projects were delivered to meet key tenant lease milestones, which required a design-assist effort by the design and construction teams. The projects moved in a fast tracked manner to allow for early procurement of key components, and to allow for tenant occupancy dates that varied by building.

Project Team:

$311 million
Owner: Alberta Development Partners
Contractors: Saunders Construction Inc., The Weitz Co., The Beck Group, Catamount Constructors, Cantina Corp.
Architects: SEM Architects Inc., CLC Associates, The Mulhern Group, Communication Arts Inc., Russell Davis Associates
Engineers: CLC Associates, Monroe & Newell
Start: June 2006
Finish: Aug. 2009

Silver Hard Hat Award

Submitted by Alberta Development Partners

Cornerstar is a 750,000-sq-ft regional shopping destination located at the intersection of Arapahoe and Parker roads. It brings a varied retail experience to what was previously an under-serviced area of the Denver metropolitan area.

The project offers a wide range of services and goods in a large-scale development while also providing a unique, upscale village component that creates an inviting place for people to gather, shop, dine and enjoy the Colorado lifestyle.

The overall function of the project is that of a typical retail center incorporating large format users, along with smaller more neighborhood retail users. On the large format users, wall panels are articulated, colored, and textured with a variety of materials to help reduce the overall scale of the building facades while still providing an iconic image at each building.

The village retail component of the project still relies on similar pattern, but has a stronger emphasis on the quality of materials, and how the materials come together or contrast each other.

Project Team:

$145.5 million
Owner: Alberta Development Partners
Contractors: Kelly Trucking, Arapahoe Utilities & Infrastructure, Saunders Construction Inc., W.E. O'Neil Construction, Catamount Constructors, Waner, Vision Land Consultants Inc.
Architect: SEM Architects
Start: Oct. 2006
Finish: Oct. 2008

Bronze Hard Hat Award

Rancho Liborio Market
Submitted by DSP Builders Inc.

This project consisted of the complete interior remodel of a 48,950-sq-ft retail grocery store in Westminster. This interior remodel was completed in an existing building shell and included extensive improvements, including new plumbing, HVAC and electrical system modifications.

Construction required considerable coordination between developer, architect, tenant and contractor to ensure all contract requirements and scheduling was adhered to. The logistical challenges to this project were a result of coordination required from an out-of-town tenant thus impacting the efficient flow of information. This project was completed on a five-month accelerated schedule.

The Rancho Liborio concept incorporates beautiful artistry with bold colors throughout its many departments, including produce, poultry, meats, fish, tortillas, bakery and prepared foods. This facility is considered by Liborio to be the flagship store in the Denver market.

$2.03 million
Owner: Liborio Markets
Contractor: DSP Builders Inc.
Start: July 2008
Finish: Jan. 2009