Kirk noted that 55% of firms report they plan to invest in their information technology departments in 2012. He added, however, that companies looking to invest in replacing older software are looking at ways to avoid large-scale upfront investments. For example, while only 9% of firms reported plans to purchase new software, one-third of firms report they would consider leasing or financing new software. Interest in “cloud-based” computing appears to be growing among construction firms, Kirk noted.

The outlook, which the association co-sponsored with Computer Guidance, was based on survey results from over 1,300 construction firms from 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Contractors from every segment of the industry answered over 30 questions about their hiring, equipment purchasing and business plans. Economists and specialists from the association and Computer Guidance analyzed those comments to craft the outlook.


Colorado Contractor Responses

Number of layoffs in 2011

5 or less    37%

6-15        37%

16-25    10%

Over 25    16%

Do you plan to add or lay off people in 2012?

Add people    43%

Layoff        7%