The American Institute of Architects Colorado Chapter presented 13 awards and honors as well as 17 scholarships and grants during its annual Young Architects Awards Gala on April 8 at Cluster Studios in Denver. The AIA Colorado Young Architects Awards Gala is held annually in celebration of Colorado Architecture Month.

AIA Colorado Recognizes 2011 Young Architects
Photos: Charles Kennedy
AIA Colorado Recognizes 2011 Young Architects

The following awards and honorable mentions were selected from 67 entries submitted by firms, designers, students and young architects (licensed 10 years or less) from across the state. The entries were judged by a jury of architects and community leaders, facilitated by Mark Gelernter, Ph.D., dean of the College of Architecture and Planning at University of Colorado at Denver.

Young Architect of the Year
Kenneth Andrews, Arch 11 Inc., Boulder

Intern of the Year
Ryan Dawson, RNL, Denver
Honorable mention: Dorothy Ma

Instructor of the Year
Kenneth Andrews, University of Colorado at Denver

Student Portfolio
Matt Carlton, Lakewood
Honorable mention: Micah Holroyd

Craftsmanship - Physical Media
Jinny Kim Denver
Honorable mentions: Brandon Rutledge, Benjamin Baldwin, Matthew Joiner

Built Architecture
Mark Olsen, Lakewood
Honorable mention: Nathan Jenkins

Unbuilt Architecture
Dylan McQuinn, Charlie Fentress and Matt Breest, Denver
Honorable mention: Michael Piché

The following 17 scholarships and grants were awarded by The Architectural Education Foundation, AIA Colorado, with additional support provided by the national AIA office.

Arthur A. & Florence G. Fisher Traveling Scholarship I - $2,700
Willis O. Pember, Willis Pember Architects Inc., Aspen
To research iconic European alpine structures from the 20th Century with the goal of evaluating the shifting roles of urbanism, landscape and vernacular design sources.

Arthur A. & Florence G. Fisher Traveling Scholarship II - $2,300
Kelly Carlson, Fort Collins
Travel to Sweden to explore the cultural values and design issues that influence average housing in Scandinavia vs. the United States.

James M. Hunter Scholarship - $2,000
Brad Tomecek, Studio H:T, Boulder
To further the investigation of prefabrication with first-hand experiences of the process, procurement chain, plus products of leading firms and suppliers in the U.S. market.

Hobart D. Wagener Traveling Scholarship - $5,000
Jennie Perlmutter and Robyn Shaw, students at the University of Colorado at Denver, will split the scholarship.
To attend the 2011 Glenn Murcutt master class in Australia.

Rodney S. Davis Traveling Scholarship - $4,000
Jonathan Coble

Temple Hoyne Buell Scholarship - $2,500
Stephen Cole

William C. & Priscilla Muchow Scholarship for Graduate Study I- $3,000
Jenna Edelmayer

William C. & Priscilla Muchow Scholarship for Graduate Study II- $2,000
Ellen Adams

Robert K. Fuller Scholarship for Graduate Study - $2,000
Lauren Peterson

AIA Colorado North Chapter Scholarship - $1,000
Abbey Woods

50th Anniversary Scholarship - $1,500
Brett Wagner

C. Gordon Sweet Scholarship - $1,500
James Kadlecek

DeVon M. Carlson Scholarship - $2,500
Spencer Lindstrom

Gary G. Landin Scholarship - $1,500
Jillian Locricchio

Kenneth R. Fuller Scholarship - $ 2,000
Ann Kemmesat

The Mike Kephart Scholarship - $1,000
Maurice Flores

Oscar R. Sanchez Scholarship - $1,250
Jacob McClendon
This scholarship is given to introduce underserved local students to the art and profession of architecture.