Salt Lake City’s MHTN Architects has expanded its workforce, adding 16 new employees to its workforce. They are:

• Randall Knight, Architect

• Jennifer Metzger, Architect

• Karen Cahoon - Interior Designer

• Christiane Phillips, Architect

• Hannah Vaughn, Intern Architect

• Amber Lake, Interior Designer

• Ryan Gaviglio, Information Technology

• Michael Buell, Marketing Director

• Crystal Andersen, CAD Technician

• Ben Hansen, Architectural Intern

• Devin Brower, CAD Technician

• Jon Galbraith, Architectural Intern

• Mike Wilcox, Architectural Intern

• Charlotte Frehner, Architectural Intern

• Megan Stanger, Interior Designer Intern

• Renee Walsh, Administrative Assistant

“We are always looking for the very best talent,” said MHTN President Peggy McDonough “And are thrilled with the caliber of talent we’ve found.”