Engineering News-Record (ENR), part of McGraw-Hill Construction, and the leading construction news publication in the industry, has launched its first of seven regional editions with ENR Southeast.

ENR�s regional editions provide local market coverage, rankings and insights. Regional editions will appear in the pages of ENR six times per year in California, the Midwest, Mountain States, the Southeast, the Southwest, and Texas/Louisiana. New York will be published 10 times per year as a special magazine supplement to ENR.

ENR California�s first issue is Feb. 7.

ENR Southeast has us all very excited,� says Keith Fox, president, McGraw-Hill Construction. �The high-quality information and perspectives that are so valued from the ENR brand are now available with a local flavor, giving readers more of what they asked for, and providing more opportunities for advertisers to target important regional construction markets. More local information means more directly applicable, actionable advice and data for construction professionals. These regional editions are engaging and serving the construction teams within the local markets--region by region and across the entire U.S."

Starting with this week�s Southeast issue, ENR will publish 46 regional editions in 2011, inspired by popular ENR features such as Dodge project news, regional firm rankings and profiles, and adding new features such as �City Scoop,� which offers local data and trend analysis. User-generated content on, including photos, promotions, people news and comments, will also be curated by ENR editors for the regional editions, adding value for firms who want exposure in local markets.