The modern business world, like our personal lives, seems to be moving more quickly all the time. And, with some luck, construction and design professionals are finding themselves busier than ever. Now, at the midpoint of the year—it's a good time to pause, slightly, and to take stock of the important and fine work these people are doing.
With that thought in mind, ENR's regional editors are pleased to once again launch the sixth edition of our annual Top 20 Under 40 contest!
Over the five years we've conducted the Top 20 Under 40 program so far, many of our readers have become familiar with this regional contest, and its criteria. Just last year, for instance, ENR's Regional Editions collectively received roughly 400 nominations, and recognized more than 150 young leaders.
But here's a quick reminder of the Top 20 Under 40 contest's objectives and criteria. 
Readers can nominate anyone who works at any level of the design or construction industry who has had an impact in their respective fields or within their company, who exhibit qualities such as leadership, career progress, community involvement and creating major projects for their region. Also, anyone can nominate an employee of their firm, or someone who works at another firm. You can even nominate yourself.
Importantly, I should note that the Top 20 Under 40 contest covers all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. Also of note — this contest is free to enter.
Readers can find out more about the Top 20 Under 40 contest landing page, which you can find here.
Finally, the deadline is October 2, 2015. But don't delay — go ahead and get started nominating a worth young industry leader today!