Products   12/01/2010
Rough-Terrain Crane: Handles Many Types of Lifts The Terex RT 555 Rough Terrain Crane has a rated capacity of 50 tons and is able to perform on both short- and long-radius lifting operations in thick mud and rough jobsites. It is capable of switching between front-wheel, concentric four-wheel and four-wheel crab steering for added maneuverability. Standard cab features include air-conditioning, armrest-mounted joysticks, graphical load-limiter interface and a tinted-glass skylight for better visibility. Multiple job options are available to increase overall lifting capacity. Terex Cranes; 319-352-3920;
Snapped Bolts: Kit Preserves Hole The Broken Bolt Extraction Kit allows for safe extraction of snapped bolts without damaging the threading of the original hole. Broken Bolt; 612-567-7710;
Heavy Equipment Jack: Small Profile Fits in Easily Esco High-Tonnage Lift Jacks have lifting capacities from 100 tons to 250 tons. The jacks have a maximum width of 23-in. and can fit into tight clearances on jobsites. Esco Corp.; 800-352-9852;
Portable Work Light: Bright and Lightweight The Nomad Light is a lightweight 3,600-lumen LED spotlight that can be set up quickly on uneven terrain. It has a battery life of up to nine hours. FoxFury; 760-945-4231;