New product announcements:   06/02/2010
Welding power source: Versatile Welding Power Source: Versatile

The Flextec 450 multiprocess welding power source can deliver up to 500 amps of power and has updated inverter technology, which provides faster arc response, lower power consumption and lower overall weight. The machine’s multiprocess capability includes stick, Touch Start DC TIG, MIG and flux-cored welding, as well as arc gouging up to 3⁄8-in. carbon. The Flextec 450 has a rugged case and can withstand rough environments. Variable arc force allows for use with different materials and a hot start for work on thin materials. Lincoln Electric; 888-355-3213;

Preserve Hearing: Noise-Level Indicator Preserve Hearing: Noise-Level Indicator

The 3M NI-100 Noise Indicator alerts users to potentially dangerous noise levels, allowing them to identify areas of a jobsite where hearing protection may be required. The NI-100’s LED provides a clear sign of the noise level: a green light flashes when noise levels are safely below 85 dBa, and a red light flashes when noise levels are above 85 dBa and possibly dangerous. 3M; 800-326-3550;

High-Pressure Nailers: For Dense Materials High-Pressure Nailers: For Dense Materials

Makita has introduced a new line of high-pressure pneumatic tools and compressors. The higher pressure allows for a greater power-to-weight ratio for the tools. The 2.5-hp High-Pressure Air Compressor has a 1.6-gallon tank and can provide the same capacity of a compressor with a 5-gallon tank at 125 psi; the compressor’s dual-head pump can build up to 400 psi. Tools designed to take advantage of the new high-pressure compressor include a 2½-in. siding coil nailer, which can operate at 140 psi to 320 psi, and a 3½-in. framing coil nailer, which can operate at 180 psi to 320 psi. These nailers can be used with dense construction materials, such as engineered lumber used in framing. Makita; 800-462-5482;

Angle Grinder: ‘Dead Man’ Switch Angle Grinder: ‘Dead Man’ Switch

The Metabo WEP14-150 “Dead Man” electronic 6-in. angle grinder features a non-locking paddle switch that automatically turns off when released or dropped. The angle grinder has a 12.2-amp motor and weighs 6.1 lb. Other safety features include a burst-proof locking wheel guard and a safety slip clutch. Electronic features include a winding temperature monitor with LED display for overload protection and an electronic soft-start feature as well as electronic speed stabilization. Metabo; 800-638-2264;

Water-Resistant Membrane: Survives the Storm Water-Resistant Membrane: Survives the Storm

Prosoco’s R-Guard Cat-5 is an air- and water-resistant barrier membrane designed to withstand the drenching rains and 155-mph winds of a category-5 hurricane. The single-component barrier is roller-applied and will prevent water and air from penetrating a building’s envelope. Further, the membrane allows damp surfaces to dry and can be used on a wide range of structural and architectural building materials. Prosoco; 800-255-4255;