New product announcements:   05/19/2010
Air-powered Saw: Cuts Panels and Pipe Air-powered Saw: Cuts Panels and Pipe

The Esco APS-438 Air-Powered Panel Saw can be used to make cuts in stainless-steel, super-duplex stainless-steel, inconel, concrete-lined pipe and other hard construction materials. The saw comes with a standard fiberglass-reinforced blade or an optional carbide-tipped steel blade and makes a 43⁄8-in.-deep cut. The APS-438 easily can attach to boiler panels using a pair of weld tabs or a quick clamp for trimming new panels. A rigid chain-mounted clamp system allows for single-pipe work. The saw is powered by a 3-hp motor and requires only 80 cfm per minute.
Esco Tool; 800-343-6926;

Dewatering Pump: Can Handle Intermittent Flow Dewatering Pump: Can Handle Intermittent Flow

The Griffin Model 6WPRE Electric Wellpoint Pump is a fully automatic, self-contained, portable dewatering pump. The unit is capable of pumping 1,500 gallons-per minute, with a head capacity of over 10 ft. The pump is able to operate efficiently under intermittent flow conditions, with dry priming and dry running. It automatically primes and reprimes at suction lifts of 25 ft or greater.
Griffin Pump & Equipment; 866-770-8100;

Portable Fall-Arrest System: Protects One Worker Portable Fall-Arrest System: Protects One Worker

The Cobra Lifelink Single-Man cart is a mobile anchorage system. The cart provides a fall-arrest system for one worker and a fall-restraint system for a second. During a fall arrest, a claw under the unit penetrates the substrate and holds the cart in place. Usable substrates include PVC, EPDM, a 20- to 22-gauge metal deck, plywood and 4,000-psi concrete.
Garlock Safety Systems; 877-791-4446;

Pair of Cranes on the Job: High Hook Heights Pair of Cranes on the Job: High Hook Heights

WolffKran’s Model 6031.8 slewing tower crane allows for rapid construction at heights over 120 meters, with a minimal foundation footprint. The crane has a jib length of 50 m and a maximum load of 8.5 tons. A pair of these cranes recently were employed at a large-scale power station in Mannheim, Germany. The two cranes employed were capable of freestanding hook heights of 82.5 m and 98 m, respectively, and could reach hook heights of over 120 m with only a single tie. Due to space constraints on the ground, the cranes were ballasted with 120-ton and 140-ton central ballasts, respectively. The weights then could be easily removed once the work was completed, allowing for more laydown space on the jobsite. For the power-station project, the cranes were used in the slipform construction of a pair of stair towers, and their simple tie system allowed for the use of a single slipform stop on each crane, saving considerable time.
Wolffkran International AG; + 41 41-766 85 00;