New product announcements:   04/28/2010
Vibrating Concrete Screed: Single Operator Required Vibrating Concrete Screed: Single Operator Required

The E-Screed is a battery-powered, vibrating screed that requires only one operator for strike-off of wet concrete. The screed’s high-frequency vibration produces uniform vibration distribution over the entire blade length, enhancing the integrity of the concrete. The screed is powered by a 36-V lithium-iron-phosphate battery that boasts over 1,500 lifetime cycles. The E-Screed battery-powered unit can be used with existing Magic Screed blades.
Allen Engineering Corp.; 870-236-7751;

Compact Excavator: Redesigned Boom Compact Excavator: Redesigned Boom

The redesigned Bobcat 324 compact excavator features a boom cylinder attached to the top—instead of the bottom—of the boom, giving it more protection from damage while digging. It has a maximum dig depth of 8 ft, 6 in., a 14-ft ground reach and a dump height clearance of 8 ft, 8 in. The undercarriage of the 324 hydraulically retracts to a width of just 39 in. for passage through gates and doorways, and it can expand to 54 in.
Bobcat Co.; 701-241-8700;

Digital Level: Take Readings While Waving Digital Level: Take Readings While Waving

The Topcon DL-500 digital-level series has a “wave and read” feature, allowing for readings to be taken while the rod is being waved back and forth, instead of having to keep it plumb. The DL-500 also features random, bi-directional code for the staff software to allow for more accurate readings in less-than-optimal lighting conditions. It also boasts 2,000-point memory and onboard measurement programs for elevation, height difference, ceiling height, cut/fill and stakeout along horizontal distances.
Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300;

Resinous Floor System: Handles High-Vapor Transmission Resinous Floor System: Handles High-Vapor Transmission

Hybri-Flex Series is a resinous floor system that tolerates up to 12 lb of moisture- vapor transmission, and its urethane base coat can be installed over five- to seven-day-old concrete. High-moisture-level tolerance allows Hybri-Flex to be installed without a separate moisture mitigation system. The base coat can be combined with a top coat of epoxy, MMA or polyaspartic resins, depending on the needs of the project.
Dur-A-Flex; 800-253-3539;

Diesel Engines: Preparing for ‘Tier 4’ Regulations Diesel Engines: Preparing for ‘Tier 4’ Regulations

In anticipation of Tier 4 regulations, John Deere Power Systems is updating its line of Interim Tier 4/Stage III B diesel engines. Existing PowerTech Plus engines over 75 hp will be equipped with exhaust filters to reduce particulate matter. Engines between 75 hp and 173 hp will feature either a waste gate or a variable-geometry turbocharger, depending on the size of the engine. Further, the engine will be geared to operate efficiently on low-sulfur diesel as well as biodiesel blends.
John Deere; 309-765-8000;