New product announcements:   04/21/2010
Air-powered Mixer: Works With Many Materials Air-powered Mixer: Works With Many Materials

The CS Unitec Model 7 Air Mixer is intended for mixing paint, glue, epoxy, mortar, concrete, refractory cement and other materials in hazardous environments. The mixer is ATEX-approved for use in EX zones with hazardous atmospheres and is safe to be used around water. The mixer’s 1.5-hp motor has two speed settings: zero to 190 rpm and zero to 350 rpm. The device has the capacity to mix batches of material up to 110 lb. The mixer uses 49 cfm of air at 90 psi and weighs only 15 lb.
CS Unitec; 800-700-5919;

Surface Preparation: Gets the Rough Stuff Surface Preparation: Gets the Rough Stuff

The heavy-duty MDF35 Pneumatic Long-Reach Air Tool can be used on a wide range of surface preparation applications, including removing slag and scale at industrial sites. The tool can produce 3,100 blows per minute, with a required flow rate of 11 cfl at 90 psi. It has an internal valve mechanism that allows the piston to deliver a more powerful blow.
General Equipment Co.; 800-533-0524;

Concrete Piping: Single-Layer Pipe Concrete Piping: Single-Layer Pipe

The Pro-5 from Esser is a single-layer pipe intended for use in concrete pumping applications. It is manufactured by an induction-hardened process to strengthen the pipe and ensure uniform hardness. Pro-5 has a maximum working pressure of 1,233 psi and is intended for use with low-capacity concrete pumps. The steel pipe has a hardness of up to 57 HRC and features big mouth flanges and specially designed weld-on rings.
Esser Pipe Technology; 866-734-0296;

Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Board: High Recycled Content Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Board: High Recycled Content

GreenGlass Tile Backer is a high-recycled-content fiberglass-faced gypsum board designed for use as a tile substrate in high moisture or humidity areas. It consists of a gypsum core with TemShield mold protection system, faced on both sides with fiberglass and including a built-in acrylic coating that resists water penetration. GreenGlass scores and snaps the same as traditional gypsum board but creates less dust. GreenGlass Tile Backer is available in 1⁄4-in., 1⁄2-in. and 5⁄8-in. thicknesses, a 48-in. width and both 8-ft and 10-ft lengths.
Temple-Inland; 800-231-6060;

Flyable Drill Rig: Modular Design Flyable Drill Rig: Modular Design

The Boart Longyear SC11 is a compact drill rig that can be broken down into modules and flown to a site, with the heaviest module weighing only 680 kg. Lifting points and quick-connect hydraulic couplings are easily identified. The rig offers 5456 Nm of torque and a 132-kN pullback rating. The machine can handle PQ-size rods.
Boart Longyear; 801- 972-6430;