New product announcements:   04/14/2010
Coring Machine: Goes Right Through Rebar Coring Machine: Goes Right Through Rebar

The DD 350 Coring System is a diamond-coring machine powered by a water-cooled, high-frequency brushless motor rated at 3,600 W. It features 10-speed electronic gearing, which allows for constant power output over the entire diameter range. The Iron Boost function provides extra performance for coring through rebar. The DD 350 can be used in many coring applications, including drilling corner holes, penetrations for pipes and cables, large-diameter drilling and coring in heavily reinforced concrete.
Hilti; 800-879-8000;

Random Orbit Sander: Adjustable Random Orbit Sander: Adjustable

The Makita BO5041K is a 5-in. random-orbit sander that features a 3-Amp motor with a variable-speed control dial and a large 1⁄8-in. random-orbit action. The adjustable front handle allows for the sander to be used in confined spaces and tight corners. It has a high-capacity, through-the-pad dust collection system, with a built-in vacuum port adapter. The sander uses 5-in., eight-hole, hook-and-loop abrasive paper.
Makita; 800-462-5482;

Energy-Efficient Design Energy-Efficient Design

SAGE Electrochormics has introduced SageGlass, an electronically tintable window glass that boasts a high R-value and triple-pane construction. SageGlass has five layers, and when low-voltage DC power is applied to the tintable layer of the glass, it darkens the window; reversing the polarity of the DC power causes it to return to the previous state. SageGlass’ thermal insulating properties qualify the windows for LEED credits and, according to the manufacturer, reduces HVAC demands in both retrofits and new construction.
SAGE Electrochromics; 877-724-3321;

Robotic Total Station: Extended Range Robotic Total Station: Extended Range

The Series 50X Robotic Total Stations from Sokkia feature a number of improvements over earlier models, including an increased measurement range to 13,120 ft., with one prism and up to 16,400 with three prisms. A dual-axis tilt sensor improves the total station’s leveling and centering compensation.
Sokkia Corp.; 800-476-5542;

Drywall framing System: Closed Edge Easier To Handle Drywall framing System: Closed Edge Easier To Handle

The EDGE drywall framing system has a triangular lip that is closed to the stud, which eliminates almost all the sharp edges on the framing and thus reduces the chance of installer injury. The metal framing is made of 40-ksi steel, and the triangular lip increases the strength of flange. The EDGE drywall framing system is UL-approved for use in one-, two-, three- and four-hour wall assemblies and also meets the criteria of ASTM C645 and C754.
Super Stud Building Products; 800-477-7883;