New product announcements:   03/31/2010
Boiler-tube cutter: Optional Higher-Power Motor Boiler-tube Cutter: Optional Higher-Power Motor

The MillHog is a self-centering, right-angle-drive-clamping, air-powered end prep tool designed specifically for boiler tubes. The tool is capable of prepping stainless-steel and other high-alloy tubes, ranging from 3⁄4-in. I.D. to 3-in. O.D. It features a robust gear drive with dual-tapered roll bearings and is powered by a 0.75-hp motor or an optional 1.25-hp motor. The MillHog uses the EscoLock rigid blade-lock system with a radical chip breaker, which directs the chip away from the tube and minimizes heat generation. Esco Tool; 800-343-6926;

Air Line Splitter: Durable Construction Air Line Splitter: Durable Construction

The D55040 Quadraport Regulated Line Splitter can supply air to multiple pneumatic tools at a consistent pressure. The D55040 features an impact-resistant resin body and a liquid-filled gauge to prevent jobsite damage. The handles have high sidebars to protect the plug and couplers from damage. The Quadraport accepts all three major plug styles. DeWalt; 800-433-9258;

Safety Harness: RFID Tagged for Easier Tracking Safety Harness: RFID Tagged for Easier Tracking

The Evotech full-body harness features an integrated RFID tag, allowing for it to be tracked by the Field ID Safety Network for regular safety compliance inspection. The harness webbing has breathable padding with moisture-wicking material to keep users cooler. Reflective piping is integrated into the harness webbing to increase visibility, and web finials on the web ends reduce the chance of fraying. MSA; 800-672-2222;

Fiber Cement Shears: Cut Cleanly Fiber Cement Shears: Cut Cleanly

The pneumatic TSF1A TurboShear is designed specifically for cutting fiber cement. It has a wider plate than earlier TurboShear models and can handle 5⁄16-in. fiber cement siding plank. The TurboShear can also navigate curved-pattern cuts for window and door arches and can be sued for fine trimming as well. The tool is rated at 90 PSI and is compatible with most jobsite air supplies. Malco Products Inc.; 800-328-3530;

Diesel Transport tanks: Double-Walled Design Diesel Transport tanks: Double-Walled Design

Transcube Transportable Fuel Tanks are U.S. Dept. of Transportation-approved and UL-certified for safe diesel storage and road transportation. The double-walled tanks are baffled to prevent the surge of fuel during transport, and not only can be transported directly to jobsites but also can be removed safely while there is still fuel inside. The Transcube tanks are available in capacities of 132, 264, 528 and 792 gallons. Transcube USA, 866-814-2470;