New product announcements:  03/17/2010
Attic Ventilation: Solar-Powered Attic Ventilation: Solar-Powered The Broan Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator is a simple solution for temperature regulation in residential attics. The ventilator requires no external power source and helps regulate the temperature in the attic, reducing the load on the building’s heating and cooling system. The panel’s laminate can withstand rough weather and high winds, and the trim color can be set to match the surrounding rooftop. The ventilator qualifies for a federal tax credit. Broan-NuTone; 800-558-1711;
Modular Heavy-Load trailer: Adjustable Length Modular Heavy-Load Trailer: Adjustable Length The Fontaine Magnitude 55MX heavy-load trailer has a clear deck that, when retracted, is 29 ft and, when extended, is 50 ft. The adjustable length allows the trailer to carry a wide variety of equipment. The trailer’s loaded-deck height is 20 in., with 6 in. of ground clearance. A built-in tool box and storage compartment are standard features, and an optional flip box is available for the trailer’s gooseneck to allow for 125-in. swing clearance. Fontaine Trailer; 800-821-6535;
Compact Excavator: Auto-Idle Function Saves Fuel Compact Excavator: Auto-Idle Function Saves Fuel One of the latest additions to the Bobcat M-Series of excavators, the E-42 Compact Excavator is a conventional tail-swing unit with an operating weight of 9,246 lb. The E-42 features redesigned hydraulics with a load-sensing pump and a closed-center-valve system for improved control during travel and operation. The E-42 has an auto-idle function, which, if activated by the operator, automatically idles the engine if the excavator is not engaged, saving fuel. Bobcat Co.; 701-241-8700;
Cement-Based Patching Material: Requires No Priming Cement-Based Patching Material: Requires No Priming Floor Parch Pro is a polymer-modified, cement-based patching compound designed for interior applications from feather-edge to 2-in. depths. The compound requires no priming and is designed for use over concrete, wood and cement-terrazzo substrates as well as cutback residue adhesive. It can accept tile and stone installations after one hour and moisture-sensitive floor coverings in two to three hours. The compound contains no large aggregates and is able to maintain a compressive strength of over 3,500 psi. Bonsal American; 800-738-1621;
Laser Leveling: Vertical and Horizontal Planes Laser Leveling: Vertical and Horizontal Planes The GLL2-80 is a dual-planer line laser that can project two constant lines on both the vertical and horizontal planes. The GLL2-80 uses cone-mirror technology to project thick “chalk line” laser lines at full 360° with a motor to rotate the beam. The unit can be set on a standard tripod or magnetically attached to metal framing. Bosch Measuring Tools; 877-267-2499;