New product announcements:  03/10/2010
High-Speed Laser Scanner: All-in-One Data Collector High-Speed Laser Scanner: All-in-One Data Collector The Topcon GLS-1500 laser scanner is capable of scanning 30,000 points per second during point-cloud collection. The scanner has a 490-ft range and features an onboard data collector with keypad and LCD, allowing it to be used as a stand-alone laser scanner. It features a built-in 2.0-megapixel camera that can stream live images of a site when wirelessly connected to a PC which is using the ScanMaster software. Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300;
Silicone Sealant: Takes the Heat Silicone Sealant: Takes the Heat Thermalox 2655 is a high-temperature RTV silicone adhesive sealant; it has a temperature range of -80°F to 550°F and can withstand intermittent exposure to 650°F. The chemical-resistant silicone-rubber sealant cures at room temperature and can be applied to boilers, fired heaters, furnaces, valves and air pollution equipment. Dampney Co.; 800-537-7023;
Solar Heating system tubing: Insulated and Paired Solar Heating System Tubing: Insulated and Paired FlexSure Dual Solar Tubing is designed specifically to connect solar panels to hot-water storage tanks. Two flexible and lightweight 316L stainless-steel tubes are pre-insulated with elastometric EPDM insulation and UV-resistant covering and contain the supply and return lines as well as a sensor wire in a single piece. Continuous runs allow for the tubing to be bent around corners and obstacles, and the self-flaring, reusable fitting requires no special tools to make connections. Smiths Tubular Systems; 413-739-5631;
Wood-Flooring Adhesive: Halts Moisture Vapor Wood-Flooring Adhesive: Halts Moisture Vapor Ultrabond ECO 995 is a wood adhesive that is able to protect wood flooring from moisture vapor emissions coming through concrete sub-surfaces up to 15-ft thick. The single-component, moisture-cure urethane adhesive can be used with most types of wood and bamboo flooring. It is manufactured from rapidly renewable materials and qualifies for LEED points. Mapei Americas; 800-426-2734;
Demolition Hammer: Lighter Weight and Less Vibration Demolition Hammer: Lighter Weight and Less Vibration The HM1317CB AVT demolition hammer weighs only 42 lb but is capable of delivering 730 to 1,450 bpm and 34.9 joules of impact energy. The hammer features an antivibration counterbalance system to reduce user strain. The hammer features an electronic variable-speed dial as well as an idling setting to extend its life. It accepts 11⁄8-in. hex steel bits. Makita; 800-462-5482;
Reciprocating Saw: Now in Specialized Lengths Reciprocating Saw: Now in Specialized Lengths Sawzall reciprocating saws are now available in a 11⁄8-in. stroke length and 3⁄4-in. stroke length, each powered by a 12-amp motor. The shorter stroke length is intended for jobs in tight spaces, while the longer length is for heavier demolition applications. The saw’s gear-protecting clutch extends the tool’s life by absorbing high-impact forces, and a Quik-Lok blade clamp allows for fast blade changes. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800-729-3878;
Roofing Underlayment System: Better Traction Roofing Underlayment System: Better Traction The Opus Roof Blanket is a roofing underlayment that can be used in place of felt-paper or plastic-sheeting underlayment. Its surface offers greater traction than traditional systems, and it’s easier to write on as well as snap a chalk line. Developed and tested for the six years, the Opus Roof Blanket is lightweight and provides more coverage per roll than other roofing underlayments. Propex Operating Co.; 800-621-1273;
Geothermal Drill: Steep Angles Geothermal Drill: Steep Angles The D20X22FX Series II is a flex-angle drill intended for geothermal field-loop installations. The drill is capable of drilling at any specified angle ranging from 18° to 90 °. This allows it to be used in both vertical and steep-angle geothermal loop installations. The drill also can be used for installing horizontal loops as well as conventional utilities. The self-propelled machine has rubber tracks and a width of only 65 in. for minimal ground surface disturbance. Vermeer Corp.; 888-837-6337;
Tool Management: Real-Time Monitoring Tool Management: Real-Time Monitoring Snap-on Industrial’s Level 5 Networkable Tool Control system allows for the management of many lockable tool storage units simultaneously. The system’s keyless entry allows for workers to access tools, while the NTC tracks access based on worker ID cards. All tools in a system can be serialized and linked to a specific box with a bar-code mechanism. The Level 5 NTC can manage multiple tool distribution locations at a large jobsite or manage tools at multiple jobsites. The system allows for the real-time monitoring of tool distribution records. Snap-on Industrial; 877-740-1900;