New product announcements:   03/03/2010
All-terrain crane: Now With Longer Boom All-terrain Crane: Now With Longer Boom

The Terex AC 100/4L all-terrain crane features a main boom length of 59.4 meters, and with its variable double-fly jib it can reach a maximum length of 81.7 m. The four-axle crane fits within normal truck dimensions during travel, allowing it to operate in locations restricted to larger cranes. It can be used in a variety of lifting configurations and has a maximum capacity of 100 tonnes. The crane is powered by a 445-hp Daimler engine and comes with four standard outriggers to provide extra stability under demanding operating conditions. Terex Cranes; 319-352-3920;

GNSS/GIS Data Collector: Rugged Casing for the Field GNSS/GIS Data Collector: Rugged Casing for the Field

The Leica Zeno 10 handheld GNSS/GIS data collector features a full-color LCD and a ruggedized casing for working in the field. The data collector has dual constellation tracking and is able to work with both GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning networks, which increases its coverage in areas where satellite visibility is limited, such as in forests and dense urban areas. The Zeno 10 also sports an integrated digital camera and can log photos with documented locations. Leica Geosystems Inc.; 770-326-9500;

Erosion Control Mat: High-Performance for Rough Patches Erosion Control Mat: High-Performance for Rough Patches

ScourStop is an erosion-control transition mat that can be used as an alternative to riprap. The mat is placed over sod or a turf-reinforcement mat and then anchored to the existing ground and seeded for vegetation. ScourStop is designed for applications involving high hydraulic stresses, including culvert outfalls, overflow structures, stream banks, bridge drains, and levee and shoreline protection. According to the manufacturer, properly vegetated ScourStop can withstand hydraulic velocities of 31 ft per sec and 16 lb of shear on a 2:1 slope. Landmark Earth Solutions; 888-574-6473;

Drainage Trencher: GPS-Enabled Grade Control Drainage Trencher: GPS-Enabled Grade Control

Mastenbroek’s M3500 drainage trencher features a Trimble-designed GPS-enabled grade control. The 22-tonne machine is powered by a European Tier 3 Cummins QSM 11 construction diesel engine, which delivers 350 hp. The M3500 has a mechanically driven trencher chain, and its undercarriage has an independent hydrostatic track drive. It has a maximum digging depth of 2.6 m, with trench widths between 160 mm and 400 mm. The trencher is built to handle difficult terrain and comes with side-slope leveling. Mastenbroek Ltd.;

Gas-Powered Saw: Simple Start-Up Gas-Powered Saw: Simple Start-Up

The DSH 700 handheld gas-powered saw from Hilti can cut a wide range of construction materials, including concrete and asphalt in small repair projects as well as brick, metal deck, rebar and grating. The saw features a simple counter-clockwise starting procedure and a primer bulb for fewer pulls. A cyclone filtration system extends the life of the tool, and a simple rope replacement allows for easier maintenance. The DSH 700 is also compatible with Hilti Equidist custom diamond blades for tougher cutting jobs. Hilti Inc.; 800-879-8000;