New product announcements:  02/03/2010
Concrete Grinding Shroud: Limits Silica Dust Exposure Concrete Grinding Shroud: Limits Silica Dust Exposure

Metabo Grinding Shrouds work in conjunction with vacuum systems to reduce silica dust exposure during concrete surface grinding. The shrouds help protect users from excessive silica dust exposure in accordance with OSHA regulations. Made of polyurethane, the device is designed to retain its shape regardless of temperature and will not warp. The 5-in. grinding shroud will fit 4-in., 41⁄2-in. and 5-in. diamond-cup wheels, while the 7-in. grinding shroud will fit most large-angle grinders. Mebabo; 800-638-2264;

Track Loader: Load-Sensing Hydraulics Save Fuel Track Loader: Load-Sensing Hydraulics Save Fuel

The Cat 973D track loader features load-sensing hydraulics with a variable-displacement pump that produces only the necessary amount of oil for the job at hand, which not only conserves fuel by pumping less oil but also frees up horsepower to drive the tracks more efficiently. The load-sensing system also allows for seamless use of lift, tilt and travel functions. The redesigned cab of the 973D features a choice of joystick or pedal steering, and the cab itself tilts for improved visibility. Caterpillar; 309-675-1000;

Smoke and acoustic sealant: Installs in No Time Smoke and Acoustic Sealant: Installs in No Time

Hilti’s CP 506 Smoke and Acoustic Sealant is designed to reduce sound transmission and restrict smoke migration through construction joints, either at head-of-wall or bottom-of-wall joints as well as at gaps made by metal pipes and cable penetrations. The sealant’s lightweight, low-trigger-resistance dispenser reduces installation time. CP 506 is designed to cure smoothly, without surface pitting or gaps requiring extra work after curing, and can be used in a wide temperature range. Hilti; 800-879-8000;

Asphalt Production: Filler Minerals Can Be Added Easily Asphalt Production: Filler Minerals Can Be Added Easily

Mineral Filler Silos from Asphalt Drum Mixers can be integrated into an asphalt plant to add minerals to the asphalt if there is insufficient baghouse dust to fill out the mixture. The silos are available in stationary and self-erecting models with capacities of 250 or 500 barrels. The self-erecting silos are transported on a single-axle gooseneck trailer, which has a hydraulic system for relatively quick setup. The mineral filler silos feature a pneumatic conveying system to add minerals to dried aggregate and is powered by a 10-hp or 15-hp motor. Asphalt Drum Mixers; 260-637-5729;

Disposable traffic cones: Lightweight and Recyclable Disposable Traffic Cones: Lightweight and Recyclable

DisposaCones are lightweight temporary traffic barricades made of recyclable materials. The weather-resistant paper-based cones have adhesive strips along the bottom that can stick to any dry, hard surface. The cones come in two heights,14 in. and 17 in. They have reflective strips for added visibility. DisposaCones can be quickly set up during small construction projects, but are not rated for road use. Vanguard ADA Systems; 360-668-5700;