New product announcements:  04/15/2009
Three-Bag Mortar Mixer: No Wasted Material Three-Bag Mortar Mixer: No Wasted Material The 955Pm Stone Champion mortar mixer has a 9-cu-ft capacity, and is able to mix three bags at a time. The mixer’s quadruple seal and drum bearing system is in a removable housing for cleaning or replacement. The extendable axle can be adjusted to fit through doorways, and broader engine cover increases airflow. It is available with six engine options, and standard features include a lift-away safety guard, convenient front post clutch and drum release and a heavy-duty tow pole with safety chain. Stone Construction Equipment Inc.; 800-888-9926;
Triangular Geogrid Mesh: Improved Stability Triangular Geogrid Mesh: Improved Stability TriAx Geogrid is a grid for geotechnical applications that employs a triangular hole shape to better displace forces when used over loose soil. The geogrid is designed for highly trafficked surfaces in both paved and unpaved applications. In addition to its triangular shape, TriAx has square-edged ribs with deeper rib depth. Tensar International; 404-250-1290;
Gas-powered breaker: Needs No Attachments Gas-powered Breaker: Needs No Attachments The Red Hawk gas-powered breaker can be operated without any external hoses or cables attached. It can be used in a variety of applications, including breaking concrete, cutting asphalt, tamping and compacting soil, and driving posts. Vibration-dampening handles keep vibration relatively low. With a service weight of only 50 lb the breaker is easily transported. The 185-cc engine has an easy start for more efficient start up. Chicago Pneumatic; 248-348-6280;
Redesigned excavator: Longer Service Intervals and a More Comfortable Ride Redesigned Excavator: Longer Service Intervals and a More Comfortable Ride The E80 is an excavator that has been redesigned to shorten maintenance times and increase the operators visibility and comfort. The design eliminates the need for daily greasings of the bushings at the boom, arm and bucket pivot, extending service intervals to 250 hours. The cab features automobile-style controls, a six-way adjustable seat and heating and air conditioning for increased operator comfort, with a single instrument readout display. Bobcat Co.; 800-743-4340;
Ventilated Safety Helmet: Keep Cool Ventilated Safety Helmet: Keep Cool The Serpent Ventilated Safety Helmet has air vents built into the frame to prevent overheating when working in hot environments, and an integrated cushioned brow pad to absorb perspiration. It is made of lightweight polyethylene with a six-point nylon suspension. This helmet complies with ANSI 89.1 standard for Type I, Class C helmets. Gateway Safety; 800-822-5347;
Cure Spray Trailer: Easily Transported Cure Spray Trailer: Easily Transported The E-Z Drill Cure Spray Trailer is powered by a 5-hp Honda engine with a Roper pump. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel and has a self-loading design that pumps cure directly from a barrel to the machine’s 100-gallon tank in only fifteen minutes. The cure spray trailer can use a variety of concrete cures depending on temperature and moisture levels. The trailer is highway-rated and features fork tubes and a 2,000-lb rated axle. The trailer’s 40-ft-long, ½-in. sprayer hose features an adjustable nozzle to control the cure spray. E-Z Drill; 800-272-0121;
Big Tower Crane: High Capacity Big Tower Crane: High Capacity The Wolf 1250 B is a heavyweight luffing crane capable of lifting 60 tons in three-fall operation at a jib radius of 25 meters, and can reach a jib radius of up to 80 m. The crane’s counter-jib is only 9.8-m long, allowing the crane to operate in spaces otherwise restricted to large cranes. Its 132-kW hoisting gear allows it to lift 20 tons at top speeds of 190 m per minute in a single-fall operation. Wolffkran; +41 41-766 85 00;