The $60-million NOLA Motorsports racetrack consists of a 1.3-mile go-kart track, a 2.75-mile road course and a 7.5-acre autocross pad.

Photo courtesy of Barriere Construction
NOLA Motorsports racetrack.

Barriere Construction led the $10-million paving portion of the project, completed in March 2012.

The team produced and paved 79,902 tons of asphalt, requiring 4,700 loads over 10 months.

"The asphalt was a difficult mix to make—it uses [PG] 82-22," says Dawn D'Angelo, senior project manager at Barriere Construction. "Scheduling and logistics were also challenging. We had a very limited amount of time to hold the materials, and the trucks couldn't hold on the job. We also couldn't have any joints in the pavement. We actually invented a machine and figured out how to keep the longitudinal joints from appearing."

Key Players

Owner: NOLA Motorsports, Avondale, La.

General Contractor: Barriere Construction, Boutte, La.

Lead Design: Advanced Materials Services, Auburn, Ala.

Submitted by Barriere Construction