Yucaipa Historic Uptown Restoration, Yucaipa

The $5.4-million revitalization of Yucaipa's central shopping area, also known as the Historic Uptown District, transformed an antiquated four-lane arterial roadway into a two-lane concrete roadway. In an effort to make the heart of Yucaipa more convenient and appealing to pedestrians, shoppers and businesses, the project added colored concrete sidewalks, 50 reverse-angle parking spaces and landscaping. The project also included an entry archway, decorative streetlights with flower baskets watered by internal drip irrigation and roundabout intersections featuring public art and historical markers of local significance.

The four-block-long project included natural granite to harmonize with the area geology, a sound system for ambient music, banners, benches and decorative pots. Pedestrian access is controlled at roundabout intersections by custom powder-coated steel fencing with colored, textured concrete lighted bollards. Crosswalks follow a Z-shaped path so pedestrians can keep an eye on oncoming traffic.

Crews offset the impact to local businesses by ensuring that there was ample parking during construction and by phasing the work to construct one side of the street at a time. City officials say that in the one year since the project was completed, eight new businesses have opened, storefront renovations are increasing and the city's tax revenue is steadily improving.

Key Players

Contractor Hillcrest Contracting, Corona

Owner City of Yucaipa

Lead Design APD Consultants Inc., Irvine

Consultants Hartzog & Crabill, Tustin; Vali Cooper & Associates, Riverside; Parsons Brinckerhoff, San Bernardino; RBF Consulting, Carlsbad

Subcontractors Three Peaks, Calimesa; B.W. Simmons, Calimesa; Jeremy Harris Construction, Yucaipa