House Speaker John Boehner had revised his debt ceiling and deficit-cutting bill, hoping to draw enough votes to get it through the House later today.

Many hope that some sort of agreement can be reached to lift the debt ceiling and avoide a federal default.

As we and others have said, it looks like any deal will carry spending cuts with it.

The Boeher does have some year-by-year specifics on how much he wants to trim federal discretionary spending over the next decade. It also specifies how much will go to defense discretionary spending for the first few years.

There are no details beyond that--thus, it's unknown how much of these discretionary totals will go for transportation, EPA, GSA buidings, etc.

But this at least gives an idea of what Boehner has in mind

                                           Non-defense discretionary       Defense discretionary
FY 2011 enacted:
Budget Authority:                         536.757                                513.025 

Boehner FY 12
BA:                                          474.44-507.56 B               535.44-568.56B

Boehner FY13:                        476.44 509.56 B               537.44-570.56B