Dynamic Scheduling is so important, real-time exchanges of an adjusted schedule in progress really matter. With today's technologies it is possible, but it must be "required," "updated" and "tracked" right.

It's a rare chance to meet, listen to and mingle with the world's greatest schedulers from the PMI Community of Practice, including Fred Plotnick, who we know ably writes for this site also.

Last year at this time we were in Calgary, Alberta, presenting (it snowed a little!) and now schedulers from around the world wil be here in Brooklyn.

One interesting fellow we met last year is named Raphael Dua from Australia. We found out that "Down Under" they call subcontractors "Subbys." Love that term!!


The key to correct data in scheduling is the proper movement of manpower with the "subbys" adjusting correctly as we go. We will be presenting BIM 403 Tuesday afternoon May 8 at the conference our view from the Subs perspective here in NYC.

Here is a link if you want to attend:


Come say hi to Raf, a great guy. He came a long way!