A new law was recently signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo to bring“best value” to the bidding processfor several large New York State agencies.

Until we improve the “close out” process, this idea will be dumped on as “unworkable.” I disagree, rather it’s an excellent start to move us toward using our tax money on the best contractors at the right price not the cheapest contractors at the lowest price.

There is a difference, as companies performing construction contracting services differ greatly in their deliveries. Especially at the subcontractor level, you have wild swings in information quality and understandability/transparency of the process. A solid project “close out” procedure with feedback and data management standards will move this forward greatly.

The updated link at the bottom of this post will take you to the recent New York State tax law that in Part F the Public Infrastructures best value bidding law appears.  It is a great start on "horizontal" projects, when will a new law go "vertical"?  We live and work in a a vertical city!!