It's been nice to see contractors who are so on the ball, they've already inquired about or submitted their Top Contractors surveys for ENR's New York region, which encompasses New Jersey as well as the Empire State.

If you haven't filled out our survey, don't fret: you have until May 17, 2018, to get it in.

Our main ranking lists respondents by regional revenue. Breakout rankings, meanwhile, chart respondents according to their sales in specific sectors like Commercial, Multi-Unit Residential and Transportation.

Most importantly, the survey is one of the criteria in selecting the region's Contractor of the Year. To play, you must mark "yes" when asked if you'd like to be considered, and then in the space provided tell us why you think you're Contractor of the Year material.

Here’s the link to the actual New York regional online survey (note that you must fill out this online form to participate):

If you need to “practice,” here’s a link to a PDF version of the survey (note that this PDF will not be accepted in lieu of the online form; it is only for reference):

Best of luck to everyone!