The success of our annual 20 Under 40 competition — the deadline for which is September 1 — has often sparked at least one major question from those who are not-so-much under that age threshold.

That is, they want to know when we’ll honor the industry veterans with many years of experience and long lists of contributions to their profession and community.

Well, this year we've got the answer with the launch of ENR New York’s 2014 Legacy Award. This lifetime achievement award will be given annually to an individual in the tristate region who has long stood out among his or her peers for professional and community service.

To be eligible, individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by colleagues and/or ENR editors. Age, working status (still working in the industry or retired), and professional roles/titles are not major factors for this honor.

ENR’s regional editors will judge the award. Nominations may be kept confidential (if requested by the nominator) from the candidate until the process has reached the last stage when all finalists are reviewed. 

Selection Criteria and Submission Requirements: All nominations should include: 

  • A resume with major career highlights such as innovations and key projects or initiatives worked on or managed;
  • A letter of reference from the nominator or a colleague familiar with key elements of the individual’s career;
  • A list of publications, white papers, articles, news stories written about (or authored by) the individual relevant to his or her career; photos of work are encouraged
  • A photo of the nominee;
  • A summary of major activities outside the industry such as mentoring, teaching, political and/or government offices held.

The deadline for Legacy Award submissions is October 1. Send your submission to ENR.NY@MHFI.COM and be sure to include all the components noted in the bulleted list above. The winner of this award will be honored at our annual Best Projects awards breakfast on November 12 in New York.

And, while you’re at it, please consider also nominating one of your firm’s rising stars for this year’s 20 Under 40 competition. To do that, click here.