Consequential damages.



These can be dirty words in the design and construction business. We know because ENR just surveyed designers and contractors about what they try to steer clear of.

But we won’t censor those words at ENR’s Risk Summit in Dallas June 16th (you can be there with us).

And if it seems as if ENR’s upcoming Risk Summit is a walking, talking version of our latest, most controversial stories, you are only partly correct.

The Risk Summit is designed to be the best one-day briefing and discussion on construction risk available to companies of all types and sizes. It is also a workbook of strategies to manage risk so that you and your company can prosper.

And here’s why I can say that.

Where else can you go to hear top risk expert/executives of Aon, our summit’s principal sponsor, discuss the latest thinking on cybersecurity, P3s or managing businesses so not to expose them to risks created by shortages of qualified workers?

Where else can you go to listen to top attorneys and insurance executives analyze what has happened at the wildly over-budget VA hospital project in Aurora, Colo., one of the worst public works projects of recent years?

Where else can you see top safety professionals debate the merits of Gilbane Safety Manager T.J. Lyons’ ideas about what makes a qualified jobsite safety professional?

That same day, what will you being doing that’s more important than finding out what Letitia Haley Barker of curtainwall contractor Haley-Greer (and 2015 National President of the American Subcontractors Association) has to say about payment problems for Texas subs?

And where else can you hear Paul Bruno, managing general counsel of Fluor Corp., discuss the risk management approach taken by his company in its huge projects around the world?

Finally, we and our speakers will give you straight talk where others give you bromides. We’ll help you get the answers you need instead of platitudes.

How busy must you be to miss ENR’s Risk Summit in Dallas June 16th?