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At ENR, we're used to getting nastygrams from folks in the construction industry, especially when a reader finds something questionably unsafe in a photo that we ran.

When such letters pour in, there usually is no shortage of controversy. As one example, the above photo, which was featured in our Award of Excellence coverage last month, recently prompted a reader to complain about poor safety practices and chided us for running it.

The letter says, "While I don't see a pair of gloves in the worker's back pocket, my bet is that he has gloves or access to them. Let's all tighten up our attitude about safety!"

We couldn't agree more with that last statement.

However, while we at ENR believe in showing the industry how it actually works (as opposed to how it should or should not work), we are sensitive to the safety issue. That's why we have opened up a new photo gallery where you can post potentially unsafe jobsite photos and comment on whether or not they show work being done safely.

As usual, we will continue to toss out unsafe photos submitted for our annual photo contest. But don't expect us to Photoshop hardhats and safety glasses on workers  anytime soon. Some of our competitors do this, and it serves no value to the industry.

The "Is This Safe?" gallery serves as a new forum. We also hope it will provide some entertainment and education, though it could take some time before it reaches the public awareness of such don't-try-this-at-home sites as the "Will It Blend?" guy.

I've seeded the new gallery with a couple of photos. Now, it's your turn to get involved. You can send us a nastygram as usual. Or, you can visit our newest photo gallery, upload your own photos and chime in online.

See you in there.

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