New York City fire department crews were able to rescue two window washers stranded at the 69th floor of 1 World Trade Center after a cable on the workers' scaffolding system apparently broke and left them dangling, according to USA Today. The two workers became stranded at around 1 p.m., when the scaffolding system's cable broke, as eyewitnesses reported to ENR staff. Rescue crews were able to communicate with the stranded workers via a radio that they lowered down to the two men, who were reportedly tethered to the system at the time the incident occurred, USA Today reported further.

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The two window washers became trapped near the 69th floor of 1 World Trade Center in New York City around 1 p.m. Rescue workers were able to pull them to safety about one hour later. (Photo courtesy EarthCam)

About an hour after the incident occurred, rescue crews were able to pull the workers to safety after they cut away a window near the broken scaffolding. The two men were uninjured, according to reports.