KBR, Houston, announced it has completed the acquisition of 44.96% of M.W. Kellogg Ltd. (MWKL), its London, U.K.-based global liquefied-natural-gas and hydrocarbons construction business, from its former joint-venture partner, JGC Corp., Yokohama, Japan. MWKL had been a wholly owned subsidiary of M.W. Kellogg Co., KBR’s predecessor, until 1992, when Kellogg and JGC formed a joint-venture partnership. KBR will pay JGC $165 million to re-acquire MWKL, making it once again a wholly owned subsidiary, according to the Jan. 4 announcement. The consolidation of MWKL “fits KBR’s long-term strategy to enhance the range, flexibility and efficiency of KBR’s LNG and hydrocarbons offerings,” says William P. Utt, KBR’s CEO.