What are clients using them for?

Everything from your local Wal-Mart holiday preparedness, where they will put it in their parking lots, to construction trailers.

What are your biggest challenges and opportunities?

We struggle with the same challenges that our customers do in this business, such as attracting talent—people to work at our branches and mechanics to service the equipment. In terms of growth opportunities, I would say there are two: branch optimization and value inherently in having our own business model. In terms of branch optimization, that’s having branches in the right locations where are customers are and having enough branches to cover the market. Secondly, all of our larger competitors have been able to operate within their own business model. So, for us to be able to have a focused equipment rental model, tomorrow’s a new day. I can’t wait.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Over the past four years, I’ve moved 5,600 miles. I started in Chicago, then moved to Nashville, Tenn., San Francisco, and now live in southwest Florida. One of my immediate goals is to unpack every box. I also love business reading and novels of the day. Right now, I’m reading the book Crazy Is a Compliment. I’m also an avid wine connoisseur, and I love to cook and eat.