Evolution of Construction 

Below is the natural evolution construction companies go through when leveraging information technologies. Location becomes irrelevant, cash opens doors to opportunities and data provides control and insight. 

Drones are sexy, but they are only the first frontier, a gateway technology that leads to full digitization of the construction site, the implementation of systems controlling systems and the doubling of construction technology capabilities every 18 months according to Moore’s law (the doubling of computing power every 18 months with the inverse being true for the reduction of size and cost). 

Construction and architecture firms, owners, subcontractors, vendors of material and machinery will all be subject to the fast pace of change and the disruption coming. Strategic choices have to be made today on how to leverage technology, how to capture data and how to find technical talent to help onboard the technology. Cash is king but information is power. How will you mix the two to dominate the world? 

Michael Zucchi is a Solutions Orchestrator at ZBRELLA Technology Consulting where he investigates the awesome new technologies that the best and brightest minds deliver to the world. He finds practical applications for businesses and speaks at construction organizations and conferences worldwide. Michael writes about the future of technology and conceives new ways to automate the world.