Dixon says other pilot tests have been run on more complex jobsites, including a 27-story high-rise with six levels of underground parking. "We used the stairwell to outfit the tower with 20 units. It covers 70% of the building," says Dixon.

OpenRoute offers the units for purchase or rental, he adds. "It's around $3,800 to buy or $375 a month to rent," says Dixon.

The purchase price includes everything needed to run the box, including cabling and power cord. "It's a self- contained unit," says Dixon. He adds that many sites may need only one unit at the start of construction; but as the building goes up, they likely will need to add more, month to month, as on Crichton's site.

"A hybrid of purchasing and renting usually makes sense," says Dixon. "It's meant to be super-versatile."

Dixon says that, on another job, one superintendent asked how he could stay connected even when receiving materials 500 yards from the site. Dixon stuck a repeater on his car and drove to where the super wanted to go.

"I put it on the roof of my car, and in 30 seconds we were downloading 8 megabits a second," he says. Workers can have a rover unit to carry around with them, like when they're doing punch lists.

Crichton says his team was so impressed with the pilot test that they are planning to use OpenRoute on upcoming projects. "Our final punch list on this job was done through a Bluebeam Studio session that published directly to contractors from the site," says Crichton.