Courtesy Construciton Users Roundtable
'TRFR' report The total recordable frequency rate (TRFR) compares injury rate relative to hours worked.

Nearly a decade of safety data from members of the Construction Users Roundtable is now available online through a safety benchmarking portal. CURT members can now create an internal repository of their own safety data and compare it and other CURT owners' records to industry-wide information.

"This is the first time this kind of data has been put into a real-time tool," says Daniel Groves, director of operations, CURT.

The specific safety information that CURT collects for both U.S. and international work is a company's OSHA recordables; days away restricted or truncated (DART) rate; lost-time incident rate; fatality rate and exposure hours. Though data is now available only to CURT member companies, the organization says it is looking into releasing the information beyond CURT.

Further, Groves says that while the tool provides an internal data repository, it also can be used as a resource for companies to benchmark their safety performance in real time.

"The goal is to drive the industry closer and closer to zero safety incidents across the board," says Groves. "It's hard to reach a goal when you have nothing to compare your record to."

Groves adds that his organization still has to get all its member companies to participate in the benchmarking process. CURT is aiming to reach 80% participation by the end of the year, Groves says.

All data collected is aggregated and displayed anonymously, and individual companies are never identified.