Remote access company LogMeIn has launched a beta test of software that promises to give tech support administrators the power to manage file access permissions on Apple phones and iPads in the field.

The company says the software enables companies to implement policies that control what's being accessed, by whom and from what device. In addition, it says the software can enroll individually owned or company- procured iOS devices into a firm's mobile inventory.

It also simplifies how iOS devices are configured for remote access to one or more company computers, including how they gain access to corporate applications and files. In addition, LogMeIn claims the software can control whether files can be remotely transferred from remote computers to individual mobile devices. If the Apple device is lost or stolen, the software can remotely wipe out the credentials, essentially locking it up.

Ross Duff, plant manager at Duff Quarry, Hunstville, Ohio, says controlling access privileges of Apple devices on his network can help him parcel out tasks. By managing access privileges of the devices, Duff says, he can put more tools to work with more peace of mind.

Individuals or tech administrators interested in testing out the product can access a preview of the access control service at

The product releaseis expected this fall. n