Inspired by the need to prevent employees who are working on far-flung project teams from entering inaccurate time and deficient information, the developer of a punch-clock application has linked its newest version to an evolving security feature.

“The biometric fingerprint technology is our most important update. It adds the security of knowing an employee must be present to log their own hours,” says Michael Fullerton, president of CyberMatrix Corp., Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. “A lot of mobile tablets already have this fingerprint hardware built into the device.”

The seventh version of CyberMatrix's Employee Project Clock, which has been out for two months, is an employee time-recording application that can break down the employee's time data into client categories, projects or tasks. In this version, employees are able to enter their time using multiple devices. (The software works with most Windows server operating systems.)

“Biometrics is valuable because it's not only convenient for the employee, but—unlike a key, pin number or card—it cannot be shared,” says Scott Mahnken, marketing VP at BIO-key International Inc., Wall, N.J.

Users can scan any of their fingers to access their profile and sign in or out. An automated server-based time clock guards against distorting time entries.

The application is compatible with QuickBooks and Microsoft Project.

The company offers a free 30-day trial. A single license is $75, not counting the necessary authentication server licenses.